Chris Condon

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A novel professional guitarist, Chris Condon brings his multi-genre talent, magnetic personality, knowledge and undeniable chops to every gig. Performing on stages with national acts, in the studio or with his students; he is enveloped by music in this 24-hour lifestyle. Chris' ability to learn and adapt, as well as having an exceptional ear, allows him to play effortlessly with any artist or band. He prides himself on his reputation and versatility, on and off the stage. 

After relocating to Nashville in 2011, he quickly found work on the road with several artists including Billy Ray Cyrus, She Daisy, Drake White, Morgan Frazier, Logan Mize, Brent Cobb, Granger Smith, Cody Johnson and many others. Currently He is Musical Director and guitar player for Billy Ray Cyrus. When he is not on tour or on stage, Chris can be found tracking guitars or producing at his studio and other studios in the Nashville area. or teaching his students what it takes to be a professional guitar player.


Rock  Country  Blues  Jazz  Funk  R&B  Soul  Pop  Reggae


Guitar  Mandolin  Slide  Banjo

production  composition  instruction


- Ability to perform with click

- Can read and chart music

- Valid US Passport

- B.A Jazz Studies, University Of North Florida UNF



"Chris is the consummate professional musician. Well-rounded and capable in any genre of music, he delivers authentic performances (live or in the studio) that bristle with passion and musicality. He is a guitarist that I consider myself fortunate to call a colleague and a friend."

- Tom Hurst (Percussionist for The Backstreet Boys, Gary Allan, Sister Hazel...)

"Chris impresses me with his versatile command of the instrument and his great ear for parts and tones!"

- Gary Hooker (Guitarist for Brad Paisley)

"Chris Condon is truly one of the most meticulous guitarists in execution, tone, touch and taste. I look forward to every time we work together because he inspires me to step up alongside him. More than just a pro; he's what they mean by the real deal."

- Mark Poiesz (Drummer for Tyler Farr)

"Chris is a wonderful player with killer tone and insane chops to back it up. Not to mention, he's one of the best dudes to ever walk the streets of Nashville!"

- Tyler Tomlinson (Guitarist for Eric Paslay)


"Chris is without a doubt one of the most well-rounded and seasoned players in Nashville, both live and in the studio... There's literally nothing he can't do. A tone guru and a true master of his craft, Chris is a first-call session guitarist for myself and numerous other producers"

- Sol Philcox  (Nashville Session Ace)